SOJIRO & ERI “Make a sculpture to put on a mountain for people to see with telescopes.” – Yoko Ono 'Grapefruit'

Welcome to the wonderful world of Sojiro Kamatani and Eri Sawatari.

The two young Japanese directors are making waves with their extraordinary creative vision and epic production design. Before their names became synonymous with their commercial work, Sojiro Kamatani worked in video production in Kyoto and Eri Sawatari studied film at the University of the Arts in London. They met at Qotori Film Inc. in Tokyo where, as a duo, they built a reputation as some of the most inspired directors to hit the streets in the past years. They are as unique as their films and describe their process as bringing their imagination to life through video.

Their passion for what they do speaks loud and clear through their work and they are ready to conquer the world.