Gatorade - The Secret To Victory

Matt Baron

Matt Baron

Matt Baron

"If it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed."

Stanley Kubrick

Matt Baron is a purebred New Yorker. His childhood was abundant in creative atmosphere that helped to develop his sense of taste and train his eye, particularly when it came to photography. Crazy about music, art, sports and good food, his curiosity is without limits and his talents boundless. He was initially a respected editor before naturally opting for the director’s chair. After having worked on documentaries, music videos, sports videos and commercials he is now launching into narration and is preparing a short film. In his artistic Pantheon we find Stanley Kubrick, his “god of cinema”, the globetrotting National Geographic photographer Steve McCurry, and Nick Drake’s soul piercing folk songs. Matt, an alchemist of image and sound, is also a master of whistling with his hands; a skill he assures us we definitely need to experience.

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