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Joris Bacquet

Joris Bacquet

Joris Bacquet

"There's nothing that can't be done” - McManus in Usual Suspect

Joris Bacquet started his directing “career” as a child, filming his family with a VHS camera at various events. He remembers seeking to capture to moments that no one else was paying attention to – what he called the outtakes rather than the events themselves. This fascination with the less recognised continued to play a role in his growth as a filmmaker and artist and led to a unique creative universe based in multiple disciplines and spanning screen-printing, graphic design and 3D design alongside his natural gift for directing.

Joris’ influences are far reaching, stretching from Kubrick’s forceful impact on his visual mind as a child to the creative aesthetics of Sorrentino. After many collaborations in designing visual identities of international TV networks and having a natural proficiency for fashion has led this young director’s talents to be snapped up by the likes of Guerlain and Dior, for whom he has been able to lend a little of his exciting inspiration.

Big things are to come for young Joris, who assures us that once upon a time he was able to write symmetrically with both hands. Just one of his many talents that we are very pleased to be discovering.

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