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Ben Whitehouse

Ben Whitehouse

Ben Whitehouse

Born to Welsh-Japanese hippy parents, Ben rejected pottery and brown rice and got a job in advertising. Starting out as a researcher to the likes of Jonathan Glazer and Ivan Zacharias on 400+ TV campaigns worldwide, he gained an invaluable insight into the craft of top-flight commercials directing.

After breaking through as a director in 2008 with commissions for E4, KFC and Nokia, Ben has gone on to develop a cinematic style strong on visual humour, punchy comedy and character driven narratives.

Notable projects include work for Subway, Specsavers, Phones 4u, Enterprise, the bizarre comedy rap viral for Giffgaff starring Keith Harris and Orville (Campaign ‘Ad of the Week’ / UK Top 10 most viewed Youtube ads 2012) and Amazon’s 2014 sponsorship of Downton Abbey.

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