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Atanasio + Martinez

Atanasio + Martinez

Atanasio + Martinez

Remember, we are all in this together. But will the money last?”

After long years of studying film arts in the quaint town of Portsmouth, Anthony Atanasio realized that he had lost a lot of time and money. Convincing his friends and family to help him create a series of short films, he learned to multi-task being at the same time the DOP, the production designer, the editor, the sound designer, the cook and the producer. During this period, he started working with the creative director, Valerie Martinez, his longtime partner and as he calls her his “sexy French lover”.

The film received a warm reception and it is in Paris that their career took off. Quickly, they started directing commercials: incredible spots like Peugeot, Nike, Nintendo and Levi’s. Currently, they are working on different feature films; they also do photography and compose music.

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