Bernard Campan - “I’m sitting on a big deal with Adjani, but it’s not quite in the bag… Didier Bourdon - “I’ve gotta go, I’ve got a good little thing going, but at least it’s a sure thing.” The Three Brothers Louis-Julien Petit is crazy about cinema. At just 13, his sister made him watch Roberto Benigni’s ‘Life is Beautiful’. This changed him and he left the cinema telling himself “I want to do that - I want to make people laugh with such a serious subject”. One film school and several short films later, he apprenticed as a director’s assistant for a number of feature films. A sucker for the countershot, he considers Scorsese (with whom he rubbed shoulders while shooting the film Hugo in 2011) amongst his most venerated directors, along with the British king of comedy Stephen Frears. At 30, he directed Discount, his first feature-length film, a comedy with Olivier Barthélémy, Corinne Masiero and Zabou Breitman, which met with great success in theatres and festivals. His second feature is in the works. He is adapting the novel “Les Visages Écrasés” – a thriller by Marin Ledun, in which he will unite Isabelle Adwill and Corinne Masiero for the screen. As you begin to delve into Louis-Julien’s hard working past one finds a treasure trove of stories; from figure skating to tarot card fortuneteller… we don’t want to give too much away!