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We channel each director’s talent and our technical know how into telling a strong story with stunning visuals.



4 rue Jean Macé
Tel: +33 1 41 38 14 14
Fax: +33 1 41 38 14 13
Philippe Dupuis-Mendel CEO - Executive Producer
Leslie Dupuis-Mendel Music Video Producer
Helen Gardiner MD - International Producer
Farah Benguigui PR & Community Manager
Patricia Lucas Producer
Elliot Totzauer Art Director & Director’s Scout
Alexandre Trefi Producer


BANDITS was created in the early 90’s by producer Philippe Dupuis-Mendel and director Jean-Baptiste Mondino, in a time of creative fever and high productivity. It was in this context that BANDITS revealed a series of young directors, who would all develop remarkable visuals, and whose talent has been confirmed with time.

BANDITS has continued to collaborate with prestigious directors, including world renowned feature film directors.

Passionate about the moving image and new content, the BANDITS team continues to produce original content and develop promising young talent.

BANDITS is a strong and diverse production group comprised of several labels, capable of producing all types of formats for its clients, with the same elegance and high standards.

Today, as always, we put a strong emphasis on developing our French directors internationally.

Music videos have always been an intrinsic part of our DNA, and some of our most memorable music videos have made their mark in the history of pop culture. Drawing on our savoir-faire, our goal is to create videos that are unique visual experiences as well as full of creativity.

BANDITS is committed to developing new talents, giving each artist and musical project its own unique space.

Contact : Leslie DUPUIS-MENDEL, Producteur

Content(s) is a division of BANDITS dedicated to the production of online content. In a world where communication rules are constantly evolving, our goal is to provide new creative approaches adapted to digital formats, always taking in account the specific nature and responsiveness of these new medias.
Elemiah is a production company with strong convictions , producing engaged cinema that challenges the society we live in, and striving to discover new directing talents.

Contact : Liza BENGUIGUI, Producer

Our two talented producers, who are familiar with the world of TV, produce documentaries and reportages primarily focused on the evolution of society, simple truths and untold stories. At the heart of their work is the artful combination of telling the truth in an aesthetic fashion.

Bringing their journalistic experience to BANDITS, they allow us to have a broader view that informs our response for publicity and other medias as well.

Claire Lajeunie et Julie Zwobada

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