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Stuart A. McIntyre

Stuart A. McIntyre

Stuart A. McIntyre

“ Cause I was a dreamer, a dandelion prophet, wherever the wind blows, well that’s where I’m headed.” Low Roar

A pure cinephile, Stuart grew up in Canada, refining his eye and taste by watching tons and tons of films. After starting as editor for other people’s films, he took the big leap to becoming a director himself. Always ready to take up challenges, he directed an experimental film in the middle of the Thar Desert in Rajasthan. Very quickly he started working on commercials and shooting with Mos Def for Louis Vuitton or even directing a commercial with the Canadian basketball team, The Toronto Raptors.

His style is urban and elegant. His films always have an inner message for humanity. Highly knowledgeable, Stuart can strike up a conversation about Winona Ryder or even Jean-Paul Sartre.

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